Other Instructions

Park a call

  • If you put a call on Hold, you can press the line button to take it off Hold.
  • If your system uses Park, you usually won’t have line buttons to take a call off Hold.
  • Park is like Hold, except you don’t see the outside lines on your phone.

Park a call –             Answer a call – press Transfer – press Park – Note the Park number on display

Unpark –                 Press Park + Park number.


General Delivery Mailbox

  • General messages and calls that don’t go to a particular mailbox, go to the General Delivery mailbox.
  • Someone should be assigned to check this mailbox regularly.
  • One or more phones on your system will have a button to indicate if there is a message in this mailbox.


Handy Codes

  • Clear MSG light                  Speaker – 773 – Speaker
  • Msic On/Off                        Speaker – 725 – Speaker



  • After making your announcement, press the button to hangup (where the earpiece will go).
  • Then, if the receiver bounces around while hanging up, the noise won’t go over the speakers.


Day/Night Mode

  • Your system might have different ringing and forwarding options depending on the time of day.
  • There could be automatic schedules that switch to Night mode after office hours.
  • The schedules might include weekend hours.
  • There could be a button for manual switching between Day and Night mode.